Trend: Crazy Print Leggings

I've always been a huge fan of tights, especially a pair that has a lot of visual interest.  Texture, color, design and print are all variables to consider when choosing a pair.  I say the more unique, the better!  You can imagine the excitement and joy that is oozing from my being that this trend has morphed over to leggings, skinny pants and harem pants (although I am not a fan of the latter, MC Hammer can keep them in the 90's).  I haven't quite found the pair that is right for me.  Stay tuned... my quest has just begun ;o)

Do you have any crazy printed pants or leggings?  If so, do you just love them?

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Mik said...

I Have some leopard print with zips on them...can't wait for the weather to start behaving so i can FINALLY wear them :)

Nice post


Tam said...

I like the photos you put together for this post! I especially love the ones in the last picture. I have a lot of fun, printed tights, so I think patterned leggings are a logical next step for me =).