Hong Kong Vintage (take 1)

Hong Kong Vintage is uber fabulous. I absolutely love checking out their newest additions. This past weekend, I stopped by for a visit and found arms full (literally both arms full) of things to try on. The above are just 2 of my faves. Which one do you think I purchased? The sequin shirt that I could double as a dress... or the floaty bed-dress(ur ahh pants)... that I could double as a dress with a cozy sweater or leather jacket??? Some of you may be thinking... "where on earth would you wear either of these?"...
UH??? Don't cha mean,

Where wouldn't you wear either of these ridiculously awesome pieces...aaaand can I borrow????

Well... I really didn't know what to do, such a quandary! Shirt/Dress? or Dress-ish pants??? Naturally the following happened... try on/take off, try on/take off, repeat, repeat & repeat some more! Frankly, my hair couldn't take anymore clothes coming over and off my head!!! Finally, a decision had to be made... which do you think made the cut???


These Boots Were Made For Walking (to go get coffee)

Can I just tell you how much I LURV these boots? Can I??? They may be my favorite purchase for the fall. Now I realize this could possibly be absolutely is a premature statement since it isn't even September yet buuuuut.... I LURV THEM, I LURV THEM, I LURV THEM!!!


Take Off Your Shoes...

Because sometimes, you just gotta take off your shoes and relax your feet.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!


Feelin' the Love

I am finally in my new apt... YEAH!!! While in-between homes, my pup and I stayed with friends. Luckily, Spence was able to stay on his schedule thanks to the cute little neighbor Leah. I was sooo touched the day I moved into my new place because Leah (with a bit of help from her mom) made the following farewell book for Spencer called the "WE LOVE SHOW"...

O.M.G.!!!! Seriously!!! O.M.G.!!!!

Just look at him... How could you not love???


Basic Instinct

It's about that time... time to practice my hair swoosh!

Hells Yeah!!! I soooo got this!!!

Skinny Cargo: Banana Republic 
Polka Dot Blouse: Nordstrom RAck
Bracelets: Stella & Dot, Ivy & Leo
Heels: ShoeDazzle
Bag: TJ Maxx
Necklace: DIY


Color Blocking

We spotted this car in the parking deck one night and I couldn't resist taking a few pics. Windows were down, doors unlocked and I hear the motor is out (although I didn't pop the hood to check)... so figured "hey, why not get in".


Another Day at the Office

Another day at the office wrapped up. Rush hour on the light rail can be hazardous at times(apparently not this day though). Heck, today there was nothing for me to hold on to except for Kimmy. Sorry girl. If only I had more time to play dress up and take pics.

Dress: Gap
Necklace: DIY
Bag: Nine West
Shoes & Sunnies: Ivy and Leo



We all know and love Christian Siriano, his shoes are seriously FIERCE! Well ladies, he has once again teamed up with Payless Shoes and designed a shoe & handbag collection that will be available September 7th. The line for Payless is more mainstream for the average working girl of America(although I do long for the drama in a shoe) and of course we will "payless". I do apologize for the obvious pun, just couldn't resist. Enjoy a sneak peak of some of the pieces below :)

Sheridan satchel, $29.99
Kristina dress sandal, $34.99
Khristian studded pump, $34.99
Natalia bootie, $59.99
Chaney cross-body bag, $22.99


For the La La Love of Shoes

Its official, I am 110%+ addidcted to shoes(not that it was even a doubt before this declaration). Previous mention of my love affair can be sighted here. I may have a slight problem... its the sad reality I've surpassed my monthly budget on shoe shopping and its only August 7th!!! You can't see me but my eyes are swelling up with huge crocodile tears as I type. Dramatic? NO! Check out some of the shoes I purchased this month. Necessity? Maybe. A Must have? DEFINITELY!!!

I oddly can't wait for a serious rainfall. I've been walking around the house in my rubber boots all day.. LOL

Sunday Morning

Ahhhhh Sunday mornings... Coffee... thoughts... Excited about things to come!