Current Craving - Fringed Booties

Current Craving
I came across these Fringed Booties by Maison Martin Margiela yesterday and "pinned" that shiznit immediately!  I am lusting over them!  I want to take them home and pet them all night long!!!  FYI they also come in delicious creamy white.  Unfortunately at $895 a pop, I will just have to drool in my dreams (sigh).   Let's pretend for a moment I had some moolah to spare,  I would type my little fingers over to Barney's website and have them shipped pronto to my front door.  Then I would wear this casual little number to brunch with the girls on Saturday morning.  Aahh... be still my beating heart.

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Sunnies Weather

I suppose any day with sunlight is technically a "sunnies" day, gotta protect the baby blues.  For whatever the reason, I tend to be more concerned with my eye gear in the warmer months.  Maybe it's because I get off work early enough that there is still daylight after 5pm or maybe it's because I'm no longer hibernating in the apt.  Either way, I need to add to my collection soon.  There are so many different occasions, outifts and moods to  accessorize. Ahhhh decisions.  

Tom Ford - Miranda in Gold $395
In my eyes, everything Tom Ford does is sexy!

Persol - Vintage Ratti  $2600
Oh you saw right.  They fold in half.  In half people.  I had to show the image twice because I myself think this is genius.  Do you know how many pairs of sunnies I could've salvaged if I could just fold them in half.  Maybe not $2600 dollars worth of savings but still.  Coo-waul

D&G - DD8079 $134.95
I think I will rename these the Bold and the Beautiful.  Red is a perfect neutral color to have fun in the sun.  Yes, red is a neutral... I would wear with anything.  Wanna try me?  Game on!

Dolce & Gabbana - DG4111m $260
Floral dresses, shorts, pants are popular this season.  How perfect would it be to dabble in a bit of mixology with these fantastic leopard print sunnies. 

Tori Burch - TY7036 $185
OMG!  May be the best black sunnies I've spotted so far.  They are somehow mysterious with neon.  Tori... how did you pull that off?  

Like I said before, I've got some serious decisions to make here.  Think I'm vibing on Tori and Tom the most though.  Which pair do you like best?

(All sunnies found at Sunglass Hut)

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Berry Brights

 Color... bright color is exciting, fun, fresh and at times unexpected.  Why else would we call it a POP of color.  Can you imagine a world without color or vary little variation... eeeek!!!
 How bland!  

Thank you sunshine and rain for making a rainbow.  And thank you Crayola for dreaming up colors some of us could never imagine.  I think its time to officially welcome Spring and all the POW, the WOW and the AW YEAH colors of the season.  Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jeans: F21
Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Scarf: Gift
Silk Tank: Ya
Boyfriend Cardigan: F21
Jewelry: Stella and Dot

Quick update.. no joke.. the day I posted this was the same day friends all over FB were posting pics of an amazing breath taking rainbow.  This is Charlotte, NC for real... I feel like our city is in bubble.  
Almost like the Wizard of Oz!

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Trend: Bright Skinnies

Bright Skinny are everywhere.  I'm not sure I could walk into a store and not see at least 3-4 colors available.  Last year I tested the color waters with a pink pair.  So far this year I scored a bright yellow pair for $30 (don't mind if I do) and I promise you I will be getting another color soon.  I love them so much, I've been encouraging all friends to get a pair and suggesting what color they should buy.  Of course they can get what they like but I always give unsolicited advice ;o)  Well, you can imagine my surprise when a friend told me her husband told her she looked like she was trying to relive her teens in her pink skinnies!!!   

       (gasp)(bulging eyes)(gasp)(gasp)(gasp)     

He said whaaaaat???  I truly couldn't believe my bleeding ears.  She looks amazing and while I don't live close to her and haven't seen her in these "teeny bopper" pants, I know she can rock'em.  And so will I!  And so should you!!!

Have you bought any colored denim this year?  What colors?

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Busy Washing My Hair

We've all heard it before... "it's bad to wash your hair everyday".  Well I'm here to tell you I've tried to abide by this adage on multiple occasions and ultimately it works against me.  Every stinkin' time.  Believe me, I wish it weren't the case.  Sometimes (ok, like every morning), I'm seriously scrambling to make it to work on time.  Frankly, the extra few minutes or 20 it takes to wash, dry and fix my hair I'd rather use them to snooze.  Which I do hence the scrambling.  Back track a couple days ago, I snoozed approximately 40 minutes and definitely DID NOT have enough time to do the afore mentioned so my hair went in a bun and in the shower I jumped.  Wash/soap/rinse... out of the shower... pull the bun out, finger threw the hair.. hmph? not bad?!  And off to work I go.  Now let me share that I thought I looked cute on my way out the door, so I grabbed the camera and advised Kimmy we would do outfit pics for a post after work.  Fast foward 8 hours later...

OY... OIL!!!

Outfit worthly of an outfit post? Yes.  Hair worthy of being photographed? AW HELL NO!!!  
Lesson of the day... Next time I snooze an extra 40 minutes, message the Boss and let her know I'll be running late because I'm busy washing my hair. 

Top: H&M
Skirt: Victoria Secret Circa 2006
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Aldo

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Aldo Rise Collection

It seems more and more designers are collaborating with mainstream retail stores to offer up their fab creations at a fraction of the normal cost.  I love the concept and hope the trend continues.  Target was the first to join forces with a haute designer then H&M, Nine West and now Aldo with their "RISE" Collection.  The contributors this season are JW Anderson, Mark Fast, Libertine and Preen.  This weekend was my 1st chance to check on the Spring 2012 RISE Collection and so I decided to share my favorite pics with you below.  I do have a favorite but we'll get to that in a moment. 

 The Allor by Libertine.  I love platform wedges with flowing summer dresses.  I can imagine wearing these with a girly, colorful, floral dress. 

The Eakins by JW Anderson.  This is such a fun sandal.  The feathers create a mullet-like appeal and shoelace stitching...  I just die!  The red and yellow are so bold and at the same time neutral. They truly go with anything.  But right now I'm thinking cropped cigarette pants and a loose silky tank.

 The Weatherbee by JW Anderson.  Again, we're partying in the back yet mixing it up with unexpected nautical stripes.  I love!  Same concept, entirely different vibe.  I would totally rock these at the office in a bright yellow pencil skirt and white button down shirt.  

The Giffee by Preen.  These are my FAVES!!!  The pixelated design and structural heel are so incredibly unique.  I know most look at this shoe with a raised brow but I look at it with a huge ass cheesy grin thinking up all the outfits I could wear them with.  I think I'll start off with boyfriend jeans and a t-shirt.  The shoe is such a statement it really doesn't need the competition!  
Although, don't be surprised if I mix up some prints, I'm not scared.

Would you buy any of these?  Which ones?  What would you pair with?

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Daily Outfit: Floral Top

Springtime is my favorite season of the year.  I do love the summer but by mid-July it just gets to dang hot.  But spring, aaaahhh sweet, sweet spring you are so wonderful.  It's finally time to let some of your skin see the light.  I like to start with the arms, my legs are just too much white to bust out just yet.

Leather Jacket: Nordstrom
Floral Top: Forever 21
Denim: Citizens of Humanity
Jewelry: Stella and Dot
Heels: Met

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Dreaming of a Getaway

Day at the Beach

Whoever came up with the notion that a "stay-cation" was equivalent to a "VACATION" should be bopped over the head.   I've been stay-cating all winter and I've got a severe hibernation hangover!   This chica is dying to wiggle her toes in the sand, lie back in a chair and bask in the glorious sun.  I know I should be protecting my precious skin but I'm feenin' for a tan BIGTIME!.  OK! OK!! OK!!!  I'll put on SPF 15.  My bikini, cover-up, hat, sandals and sunnies are ready to go at a moments notice, who's picking me up???

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Edible Fashion

It's always amazing where artist/designers pull their inspiration.
Not only do I want these jewelry pieces... but now I want my cake and eat it too!

I recently ordered the Sloane Bangle and it is GAU-GEOUS!!!  Pictures truly don't give this bangle justice.  I have sneaking suspicion there will be a near future purchase containing the Paige and Sunset Bangles as well!  The Sloane bangle all by itself is like cake without the icing... it's not right.

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