Meet the New Ann Taylor

Ann Taylor is not the woman you thought she was!  In the past, I've always considered Ann Taylor more of a reserved, conservative, "twinset-wearing" woman.  Well not anymore my friends.  Ann (that's right... we're on a first name basis these days) is fun and hip (are the kids even using this term anymore, ha!) and she's stylishly professional at the office.  I really like the New, Improved, Modern Ann Taylor.  It's no wonder they sought out Demi Moore as their spokes model.  She is Ann Taylor.  I went to the Grand Re-Opening of their Concept Store in Durham this past Saturday.  They had a DJ spinning music and served up sweets and champagne.  Check out some of the unexpected pieces I found.

The coconut was to die for... mmm... 

Love, Love, Loved this jacket.  The collar felt so luxurious. 
I very badly wanted to take this home but didn't :o/

This sequin skirt was sooo gorge in person, again... I wanted to take home.  
Unfortunately, not my size :o/

O. M.G.  You can't tell so much in this pic but the sweater is more of a cream and silver thread.  Perfect for a winterly look... It felt suuuper cozy, it actually made me want to cuddle up with a special someone.  So, I took it home :o)

Feather Tank!
Feather Tank!!!
Do I need to say more???

No, I don't... but I will.  This was the first piece I saw when I walked through the doors making a bee-line to the table.  It was almost like floating through air following the scent of fashion... you know.. like in a cartoon.  I couldn't help myself.  I still can't believe the following sentence... 
I bought a feather tank at Ann Taylor.

Hello crystal studded boots... Do you walk around here much?

Never in my wildest, most vivid dreams could I eeever imagine cobalt blue wedges made with calf hair at Ann freakin' Taylor!

Leather Lace up booties that Angelina Jolie could kick ass in... or I guess we have to say Demi Moore's character from Charlie's Angels.  She was pretty bad ass too!

Basic Structured bag but this color... it's simply amazing!

Thanks for Reading Dolls! xoxo



Daniella said...

Love these pieces!! That feather tank is gorgeous!!!

Take care,Daniella xox

Anonymous said...

I love Ann Taylor!! Super chic pieces!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh what an interesting selection of photographs here. Can you believe I've never heard of Ann Taylor before? Some VERY timeless and chic pieces here, that electric blue colour is stunnning!


Stylishlyme said...

I love Ann Taylor, they have so many pieces I love.


Please keep in touch

Fashion-Bridge said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! It all looks like one big Winter Wonderland!
First of all Demi is just stunning! She's way more beautiful now than 20 years ago!
The beads adorned skirt, oh my! I'm already day dreaming about it. It's such a statement piece and I'm in love with the fragile silk it's made of.
And your sweater is definitely a great purchase, it looks supper cozy, warm yet def stylish!




Toni. said...

Sorry for the late response. Thanks for visiting, and thanks for the compliment. Currently, a follower, and I enjoyed this post. I love Demi. I wish she would act again

Sydney H. said...

wow I love all of these pieces!! :)

- Sydney xo