3 Ways: Jumper

I'm often asked...  Do you buy all the clothes you post in your blog?  Yes I do!  What may appear like a lot, actually isn't.  I try to stretch my fashion "cents" as thin as possible.   It's imperative for a girl on a budget to be a smart one.  So to illustrate my rule of 3,  I've take 1 jumper and created 3 different looks.  

 1st Look: Casual ~ Weekend Kickin' it

2nd Look: To the Office

3rd Look: Night on the Town

Which look is your favorite?  How would you mix it up?

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Wearing Look 1
Riding Boots
Jewelry: Stella and Dot (Three Strand Rio Necklace)

Wearing Look 2
Jewelry Stella and Dot (Leona Pendent, Chantilly Lace Earrings)

Wearing Look 3
Leopard Belt
Stella Dot Jewelry (Sierra Necklace)

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 Classics are classic for a reason... cuz they're claaaaassic.  What? That wasn't a satisfactory explanation?  Let me put it to ya this way... There are the quote/unquote "classics" and then there are your "classics", your very own version that belongs to YOU!!!  While I am a huge proponent for dressing up and looking your best, I love me some denim.  This goes for pants and shirts alike.  My 2nd go-to item would be stripes; nautical, vertical, diagonal... if it has any variation of lines it will inevitably  end up in my closet.      


What are your go-to "classic" pieces? 

Knit Skirt: Forever 21
Gold Oxford Shoes: Candela


10 Steps to an Outfit Post {Leather & Sequins}

1. cross your legs and pose all cute-sie cute-sie

2. make yourself giggle for a natural smile

3. LOL
ok.. mine is hardier burst of laughter

4. Close up of the gams and lower half accessories

5. blogger feet pose 
I find myself doing this... and see a lot of it which is odd cuz I certainly don't walk like this!

6.  Slightly look down and admire your shoes
la la love em'

7. Stare at absolutely nothing

8. Close up of torso accessories

9. Touch up hair and accessories 

10. Laugh for real because my friends are behind the camera making assess of themselves

I will be in D.C. this weekend catching up with my Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters that I haven't seen in 1998!!!! AAAH~EEEEK~ GAH!!!
Old friends + great conversation + good wine + good food = 1 Fabulous Time

Leather Skirt similar found here
Sequin Sweater Similar found here
Stella and Dot Jewelry found here
Silver Heels similar found here
Pink Clutch: similar found here

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Vintage: Long Fur Coat

Finally I get to post my most prescious find EVAH!!!  This gorgeous beauty was tucked away in a thrift store in Paris that I just walked into on a whim.  Within seconds of walking through the doors I glanced toward the back of the store and immediately thought "OMG, CARRIE BRADSHAW!".  Then to my heart melting amazement, it fit me perfectly.  I swear it was is meant for me, ME, MEEEE!!!!  (and maybe Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw)
Mark my words... 1st snow fall of the year I will be recreating this look.  I've never wanted it to snow so badly in my life... not even as a kid. 
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Shoe of the Week: Over-the-Knee

Over-the-knee boots have come quite a way over the past few years.  They use to have certain connotation but now a days I've even seen borderline Gram Mama's rockin' a high boot.  I can't get enough of my Max Studio Miro over-the-knee boots!  They pull on so easy and fabric top conforms to my leg beautifully.  The partial leather front gives it unexpected edge that had me clicking "buy buy buy".  Pair with black opaque tights and you have seamless, sexy legs.  



Walk it Out

Whenever I need a clear head to get my thoughts in order, a walk is the perfect fix.  Luckily, Spence neeever turns down a walk and typically decides where we walk and when we stop.  I'm beginning to think the second part may not be the best idea though...  
 These particular Skinnies I got at Banana Republic and are my favorite to-date.  I particularly love the faded pale gray color.  They have just the right amount of stretch, it's like I'm wearing leggings.  The slim look has been hot for a while now and I'm hoping it sticks around for bit longer.