Too Many???

The notion that a woman could have too many shoes is laughable. Recently I went shopping with a friend and bought 4 pair of shoes. I had no intentions of even making one purchase that day, however when I saw these shoes… I JUST HAD TO HAVE THEM!!!! Later that evening, I told another friend about my great finds and she says “so you won’t need to buy shoes for 4 more months!”. My response was “HUH???” bah ha ha ha. See,laughable! Let’s get something straight, the number of shoes purchased will never be synonymous with the number of months required to pass before another purchase is made.

Now let's try on some shoes :)

B.P. The most simple of the group.

I can't remember the name right now soooo we'll call her Ginger Gingham! Love her!!! I mean, how adorable is this shoe??? and then the crystal flower embelishment is like icing on a cake. I can barely wait to wear with a super cute pair of shorts.

Jessica Simpson. I just loved the red and peachy pink combo. So Bright, So Fun!!!

Boutique 9. When I saw these, it was instant lust, you know... I just have to have you AND HAVE YOU RIGHT NOW!!! It was purely an animalistic moment! What??? It happens.

All shoes purchased at Nordstrom Rack.