Casual Week

Totally crushing on my bag right now...

This was my outfit for work yesterday.  I love it because it's truly perfect for "Business Casual".  Unfortunatley, some people take business casual to an all new low which is frightening.  EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! (shriek of horror not of excitement)

Ladies and Gents... You are still at the office (whatever the setting is). Remember you are representing your company but more importantly representing yourself. Take pride in your appearance and kick it up a notch peeps. Please don't look like you just rolled out of bed when you roll out your front door.

You never know what opportunity is around the corner...

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK... Are you "dressed" to answer the door???

Smooches <3


Sharon said...

Isn't that the truth. Dress accordingly. Some outfits I have seen for business causal should not even be worn out of the house to play in the park, let alone for work.
Very cute look for causal business.

Eva Ana Kazić said...

Oh, I'd totally wear that colour combo.


Phuong said...

beautiful top and jacket!

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