Lipstick & Waiting

Since I missed the train, decided my time was best used reapplying my lipstick. Muah!

However, the conductor passing by blew his horn at me.. Whaat??? I was going to get off the track after my primp session was complete.  OK! Safety first, let's take  this waiting game to the traditional seating area.

I felt a little "pin-up" in this graphic pencil skirt and bonus it actually gives me the J.Lo effect!  Its a little difficult to see in the photos but the skirt has a grainy sketchy print on it and the tank has vertical ruffles which aren't as visible here either... hmmph! :(   Once again wearing my lace bow heels as seen here. However, my favorite piece of all are my huge, shiny, crystal-like drop earrings because they exude old hollywood glamour! 

Til next time...
Smooches <3 


1 - Tulle - 3

One dress worn 3 ways!  This seemingly one time use dress is insanely fun and surprisingly very wearable!  The top is a simple tank made of jersey knit while the bottom half is partying with layer upon layer of beige tulle.  I'M IN LOVE!!!!  Just check out the few variations I came up with...

1st I slipped into my black lace bow heels and tied on a silk striped button down.
Voila, look Numero Uno!!!

For the 2nd look, I did the most obvious ... Dress solo while keeping the same cutesy shoes.

aaaaand now for the final look... bda bda bda bda
(that's my drumroll... not that it's a surprise, you already saw the preview above)...
I swapped out the black lace heels for my Mode booties, which btw are uber comfortable, and threw on my cropped tuxedo military jacket.  Holy mouthful.. and now that I'm typing it, it seems a bit much buuuut its perfect!  I never thought so many trends could be in a single piece of clothing and still be rockin' 

bda bda bda bda bda bda....

So you see, I kept to my rule... if you can't figure out how to wear something at least 3 ways, leave it at the store or online or wherever you shop.  If you would like to see more pics that I didn't post..

Smooches Dollfaces!



In Carolina, you've got to be prepared to transition your outfit not only seasonally but also throughout the day.  This dress is a summer fave of mine.  The simplistic tank style top keeps it pretty casual yet the knit sheer overlay makes it interesting and unique.   When I originally bought the dress, I never imagined it to be a transitional piece into fall but as you can see a camel blazer does the trick.  The Lace up booties also kept the feel for fall however the sun became blistering hot and the blazer had to come off!!!   Gotta love Carolina weather!

Smooches Dollfaces <3


Hello Fall

Helloooo Fall. So glad to see you again. Cooler crisp air means knee high boots and I lurv me some knee high boots. Hmmm... when will it be cold enough to break out the tights again???

Smooches <3 Muah, Muah


Casual Week

Totally crushing on my bag right now...

This was my outfit for work yesterday.  I love it because it's truly perfect for "Business Casual".  Unfortunatley, some people take business casual to an all new low which is frightening.  EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!! (shriek of horror not of excitement)

Ladies and Gents... You are still at the office (whatever the setting is). Remember you are representing your company but more importantly representing yourself. Take pride in your appearance and kick it up a notch peeps. Please don't look like you just rolled out of bed when you roll out your front door.

You never know what opportunity is around the corner...

KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK... Are you "dressed" to answer the door???

Smooches <3