Is it November 1st yet???

I always feel the need for more shoes!  Don't be fooled by my closet... many have said I have too many shoes becuase they are stacked from floor to ceiling in my closet, under my bed, displayed on my bookshelves and (that's right) aaaand I have another semi-small stack in the living room tucked away in open window shoe boxes from Ikea.  Now... with all that, I didn't own a pair of over-the-knee brown boots!!!!  Shocked??? Me too...GASP "BLASPHEMY"!  Not to worry my pretty little dollfaces, a pair is on the way... Is it November 1st yet???

Can't wait to share with you when they arrive...
November 1st is here and I'm saddened to say that I am highly dissapointed with my boots.  They look cheap and kinda scrunch.  I wasn't looking for a scruchy boot.  The search continues for brown over the knee boots.  If anyone has seen a pair they love, please tell me where!

Smooches <3<3<3



Dale said...

These boots are soo cute and I'm so excited you got a pair of over the knee boots too they are some of my favorite boots. Definitely show them off when you get them.

monica said...

i have wayyy tooo many shoes but can never get enough