Checker Paved Road

In case you were wondering... This checked wall can be found in the Nascar Hall of Fame.   Amazingly, we found it by following the yellow brick road.. uh, I mean the Checkered paved road.   We had to go over the river and through the woods to get here.. just kidding, but we did take the train...check out some of the "behind" the lens non-sense.

Thanks for reading... Smooches xoxo

Anorak: Loft
Top: Ivy and Leo
Shorts: Ivy and Leo
Boots: DSW


MarieAntoinette said...

really nice pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great top!! Such a pretty color :)

Beckerman Girls said...

A+++MAZZZING! Love all the check boards! Reminds me of Alice and Wonderland! That red dress is soooo cool with the leopard heels ! FaNTASTIC style babe!
xoThe Beckerman Girls


Joyce said...

Wow I love your top! And your shoes are amazing, great photos :)

Veronica Popoiacu said...

Great to see your blog dear ! for sure yo have a great sense of style ! love this look and the mix of print and red color!


monica said...

girl you are working those leopard booties!

Sarah Mendelsohn said...

great outfit! you look adorable

xx sarah

Katrina said...

I love the layering!! :)


Reallu cute outfit hun. The red against the army green is so so lovely. I have a similar jacket and you've inspired me to pair it with a shock bright colour ^_^ Thankyou!


Katherine said...

Love the red dress and the little jacket - so chic :)