Melon Craving

I'm currently craving this Melon inspired dress... (I don't know the true inspiration, just assuming)... regardless... I completely imagine myself floating into a shindig of some sort in this gorge Diane Von Furstenberg dress found on Shopbop

Only I'd switch it up with these Boutique 9 wedges also found at Shopbop.



I'm all about adding some inches to my vertically challenged self but I will not be sucked into the flatform trend!!! WILL NOT!!! WIL NOT I TELL YOU!!!If there is any one shoe trend that would classify as man repellant... this would be it... hands down. Big chunky Herman Munster shoes are not hot, sexy, cute nor practical and comfy. Ok they might be comfy (I wouldn't know because I wouldn't be caught dead trying a pair on)... I know, I know... Stacy and Clinton hate the word comfortable but we want to wear comfy shoes too on occassion but that's what ballet flats are for. Flatforms are so bulky and well... FLAT.. but on stilts... Its just wierd! AAANND they do absolutely nothing for your legs. Sure your taller... great! Only now your standing with your feet in ginormous boxes called shoes.

Com'on ladies... big manly feet??? Really???
Not even cute on models!


Twirl Take Two

Ok... so I'm slightly addicted to the flip book effect on gickr.com... It's so much fun, I can't help myself. Plus... Pluuuus... I had to prove to Kimmy J. that I indeed DO know how to twirl.

I bought these awesomely bright and interesting shoes at a boutique in South Beach. Now that I think about it.. it was a vintage store and these shoes aren't vintage at all.. LOL... I'm betting the owner took some shoes and DIY into her own hands.. Bravo Girl... Bravo because I absolutely HAD TO HAVE THEM!!!

Hmmmm... I think I spy my own DIY coming up in the very near future :)

Dress: Ya (purchased at Ivy and Leo.. previous post stated dress was Ivy and Leo.. oops)
Sequin Vest: Ya
Belt: H&M
Shoes: unknown
Sunnies: D


In Motion

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myspace image at Gickr
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Dang it Spence.. wrong way man...
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Come on' let's roll out!
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What else are you suppose to do on an overcast day... put on a pretty white dress, disco ball heels and frolick by the light rail track... Naturally! No??? Yes!!!

Dress: Ivy and Leo
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Belt: Vintage
Dog: My Westie Spencer aka Spence, Pork Chop, Juicy Butt

Photos: Kimmy J.



Hot pants typically imply short shorts, daisy dukes, bordeline granny panties... but not this time.  This time, HOT PANTS = HOT PINK PANTS!!! My new favorite pants!  


Shirt or Dress???

There has been a great debate (ok maybe not great as in grande) but a debate non-the-less. I bought this said shirt/dress or shirt dress if you will last spring from a thrift boutique. I loved how it was so whimsical and kinda made me feel like I was in the Pirates of the Carribean... ARGH!!! Plus, I can never turn my back on stripes.. vertical or horizontal... I might possibly be the nautical queen (did I go too far???)... regardless I love my stripes... without further a do... see for yourself.. and you decide... Shirt??? or Dress???

AAAHH (insert blowing fake smoke here.. cuz I don't smoke.. that's gross.. especially paint brushes, DUH!)

Why am I fake smoking in satisfaction??? because I know you all agree with me... IT'S A DRESS!!!