Classics are classic for a reason... cuz they're claaaaassic.  What? That wasn't a satisfactory explanation?  Let me put it to ya this way... There are the quote/unquote "classics" and then there are your "classics", your very own version that belongs to YOU!!!  While I am a huge proponent for dressing up and looking your best, I love me some denim.  This goes for pants and shirts alike.  My 2nd go-to item would be stripes; nautical, vertical, diagonal... if it has any variation of lines it will inevitably  end up in my closet.      


What are your go-to "classic" pieces? 

Knit Skirt: Forever 21
Gold Oxford Shoes: Candela


Psycho Cat said...

Cute skirt :)
Hmm, my classic pieces are admiral jacket, loong black skirts, white t shirt and jeans :)

Daniella said...

Great post! Love your outfit. I have loads of favourite classic pieces but my absolute must have is a breton striped top for sure! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Mik said...

My classics would have to be body con dresses. I have WAY too many of those, in bold colors, nauticals, polka dots.

Nice post

Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

You look so gorgeous in this photo! My classics are probably - tall boots, bodycon skirts/dresses, blazers, v-neck sweaters and leggings! :)