Twirl Take Two

Ok... so I'm slightly addicted to the flip book effect on gickr.com... It's so much fun, I can't help myself. Plus... Pluuuus... I had to prove to Kimmy J. that I indeed DO know how to twirl.

I bought these awesomely bright and interesting shoes at a boutique in South Beach. Now that I think about it.. it was a vintage store and these shoes aren't vintage at all.. LOL... I'm betting the owner took some shoes and DIY into her own hands.. Bravo Girl... Bravo because I absolutely HAD TO HAVE THEM!!!

Hmmmm... I think I spy my own DIY coming up in the very near future :)

Dress: Ya (purchased at Ivy and Leo.. previous post stated dress was Ivy and Leo.. oops)
Sequin Vest: Ya
Belt: H&M
Shoes: unknown
Sunnies: D


Renee said...

Love the sequined vest! And of course the shoes!!!

Heart on a Shoe String said...

thanks Renee :) I love the shoes most!!

Life's a shoe said...

pretty pretty shoes!!!