Shirt or Dress???

There has been a great debate (ok maybe not great as in grande) but a debate non-the-less. I bought this said shirt/dress or shirt dress if you will last spring from a thrift boutique. I loved how it was so whimsical and kinda made me feel like I was in the Pirates of the Carribean... ARGH!!! Plus, I can never turn my back on stripes.. vertical or horizontal... I might possibly be the nautical queen (did I go too far???)... regardless I love my stripes... without further a do... see for yourself.. and you decide... Shirt??? or Dress???

AAAHH (insert blowing fake smoke here.. cuz I don't smoke.. that's gross.. especially paint brushes, DUH!)

Why am I fake smoking in satisfaction??? because I know you all agree with me... IT'S A DRESS!!!


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Anonymous said...

Dress, definitely dress