Shopping Fuel.. (like I need it.. HA!)

 Good Morning.  Yesterday started off with a bit of Java from my fave neighborhood breakfast spot, Ownen's Bagel.  Yummers!  Once my mug was full, I ventured off to South Park for a lovely morning of shopping.  First stop on the list, Ivy and Leo, 2nd Anthropology and final stop Urban Outfitters.   Every time I visit one of these stores, it's pretty much guaranteed I won't walk out empty handed.
Maybe I need to practice self restriction? Naahh.. who am I kidding?  Com'on Let's shop!

 Dying for a cutesy hat to snuggle my head this winter... this one has potential to work with a winter coat I already own.  I can totally picture waiting for the morning train in this fuzzy cuteness. 

 Fancy Schmancy Faux Fur clutch is gorgeous.  Seriously, I couldnt stop petting it. 

The orange and cream jacket shouted at me from across the room.  Vibrant colors are hard to resist, especially when it's such a fun pattern.  The jeweled button was soooo gorge in person, the picture isn't dong it any justice, trust me!  Could always add color to my closet... did I buy it???
This front half of this dress is leather and a cotton stretch blend in the back.  It was so incredibly comfortable I wanted to wear it out of the store.  Did I buy it?  Maybe it has a new home in my closet but... you'll have to come back and visit to see if it shows up in a later post. 

 Love, Love, Loved this clutch.  It kind of reminded me of trapper keeper I use to have back in the day, only a gazillion times better. 

 See.. told you I was drawn to vibrant colors.  As soon as I walked in the store my eyes were locked on this beauty.  Twirl, twirl, twirl... yep I can definitely use this in my wardrobe.  Add black tights, lace up booties, a white button up and I'm ready for the office. 
The dress above was very interesting and the texture... amazing!  It truly looks like a chain link.

I fell in love when I saw this sheer tiered dress.  And what's more????
It was $138 but I was lucky (heh hem) smart enough to get it for $19.99!!!! 
Holy Deal right?  RIGHT!!!

Ok.. so now you know I bought the tiered beauty... What else do you think came home with me?

Smooches Dolls xoxo


Anastasia from Natbeesfashion said...

Hi doll! I love that gray hat and the skirt! they look great on you :)
Have a look at my blog and if you like it then why dont we follow each other?
Have a great weekend..

Joyce said...

Nice pictures, I love that dot clutch and the vibrant color skirt!

Diana Cunha said...

Love that skirt!
xo DC

Anonymous said...

My guess... All of it lol!!! Too great of finds to say no :)

onebythree said...

where are your boots from? they are great!