Fur the love of Vintage

 would have been the exact words to come out of my mouth if I wasn't completely speechless when I locked eyes to fur.  Seriously!  This is the second time in 7 months I spotted a vintage fur at an affordable price!  Maybe I have magic powers?  What??? It's possible!  The first lucky occasion was on a trip to Paris and as soon as it's a teensy bit colder outside, I will be sharing the lovely dah-ling with you.  This particular beauty I discovered at Hong Kong Recycle and Vintage.  I'm completely loving the lapel collar, knee length, double breasted, gold buttons, silky lining and soft as a baby's bottom fur, not implying baby's have furry bottoms.. but babies are soft... you get the idea ;o) 

Vintage Fur Jacket



Tiffany said...

wow gorgeous coat!! great find :)

Tam said...

Hooray for vintage fur! While I'm a big faux-fur booster, vintage furs are wonderful because you can give them a brand new life. I wore one from my mom's closet recently and have been trying to find more occasions to wear it (perhaps during tonight's last-minute shopping trip to Target wasn't the best choice, but it is cold here!).

Love the way you've styled this outfit--the coat takes the whole ensemble up a notch, but it's not too fussy. So well-put-together, dear!


Hello, Framboise!

Daniella said...

Super love your fur coat!!!! Sooo glamourous and beautiful!!!

Take care and Merry Christmas,Daniella xox