Basic... Sexy... Lady

Throw on a light weight wool v-neck sweater pulled over a basic shift dress and I'm almost ready for a day at the office.  Now it's time to personalize this ensemble.  Sexify it up a wee bit with mini fishnet stockings and corset style heels.  Finally a lady-like touch, add a black beaded necklace with a flower brooch.  Sha-zam! This outfit has been Shannon "APPROVED".  You may go to work now. 
V-neck Sweater & Shift Dress = BASIC
Fishnets & Corset Style Heels = SEXY
Pearl Necklace w/Brooch = LADY 

Shift Dress: Banana Republic
V-neck Sweater: Banana Republic
Corset Heels: Steve Madden


Sheryl said...

love this look..polished yet sexy with the fishnet tights.



Joyce said...

Your outfit is great, I love your heels and necklace :)

Daniella said...

Gorgeous look honey!!! Ladylike chic!!!

Take care and Merry Christmas,Daniella xox

monica said...

lookin good girl!