EZ Breezy

If you weren't sure... the shorts truly are the star of this outfit. The detail is absolutely AHHH-Mazing!!! The shoes were (believe it or not) once leopard print. I was about to gift them to Goodwill, when I saw this post from a Pair and a Spare and thought I would take the challenge on myself. I love all things sparkly/glittery and the project was fun buuuut I left a glitter trail from my house to my car and back. I need to figure out how to seal them without losing the texture. Hmmmm???

***on another note, the booties I glittered are HOT HOT HOT... coming soon to a post near you :):):)***

Now back to your scheduled programing "EZ BREEZY"

Dandelions... Familiar??? I'm sure you are. Well... while having fun taking the above pics, I spotted said dandelions and decided to pick one up and gently blow on it (like they would in a commercial).

Still no luck!!! The results were not commercial-like at all...full cheeks, bulging eyes and... AAAND flower is still intact!!! This dandelion is not EZ nor Breezy... hmmph!!!


Label me Addict said...

this LOOK is just so GREAT!!!

i HAD to HYPE it on LB!!!

Label me ADDICT ♥

Justyna said...

Fantastic outfit! I LOVE the shorts!

Joanna said...

with my glitter shoes, I didn't leave any glitter trail. if by that you mean like the glitter is falling off? in that case try coating it with modpodge. it'll hold the glitter and wont fall off. they look gorgeous btw!