Lipstick & Waiting

Since I missed the train, decided my time was best used reapplying my lipstick. Muah!

However, the conductor passing by blew his horn at me.. Whaat??? I was going to get off the track after my primp session was complete.  OK! Safety first, let's take  this waiting game to the traditional seating area.

I felt a little "pin-up" in this graphic pencil skirt and bonus it actually gives me the J.Lo effect!  Its a little difficult to see in the photos but the skirt has a grainy sketchy print on it and the tank has vertical ruffles which aren't as visible here either... hmmph! :(   Once again wearing my lace bow heels as seen here. However, my favorite piece of all are my huge, shiny, crystal-like drop earrings because they exude old hollywood glamour! 

Til next time...
Smooches <3 


Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

You are so gorgeous! These photos are amazing. I love red lipstick, and this outfit is so glamorous.


Sabina said...

Haha this is awesome. I'd be too chicken to mess with active train tracks. But anyway lovin' the old Hollywood glamour of the makeup and pencil skirt.