Walk it Out

Whenever I need a clear head to get my thoughts in order, a walk is the perfect fix.  Luckily, Spence neeever turns down a walk and typically decides where we walk and when we stop.  I'm beginning to think the second part may not be the best idea though...  
 These particular Skinnies I got at Banana Republic and are my favorite to-date.  I particularly love the faded pale gray color.  They have just the right amount of stretch, it's like I'm wearing leggings.  The slim look has been hot for a while now and I'm hoping it sticks around for bit longer.



Daniella said...

I love these photos sweetie!!! I love your sweater and how you have styled them with the skinny jeans and printed ankle boots!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Psycho Cat said...

Beautiful sweater and your dog is super cute <3

Pearl said...

Great photos! How cute are your boots, but even better, your pup! I love when people post photos of them and their dog, because their smiles are just so big, genuine and gorgeous!