Vintage: Long Fur Coat

Finally I get to post my most prescious find EVAH!!!  This gorgeous beauty was tucked away in a thrift store in Paris that I just walked into on a whim.  Within seconds of walking through the doors I glanced toward the back of the store and immediately thought "OMG, CARRIE BRADSHAW!".  Then to my heart melting amazement, it fit me perfectly.  I swear it was is meant for me, ME, MEEEE!!!!  (and maybe Sarah Jessica Parker Carrie Bradshaw)
Mark my words... 1st snow fall of the year I will be recreating this look.  I've never wanted it to snow so badly in my life... not even as a kid. 
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Pearl said...

This is stunning! I love how you found the coat, mostly because I just did the same thing. There is nothing like the vintage/thrift stores in Paris! First, they are one of the only affordable ways to shop in Paris, and second, everything is stunning and of quality - I love it! So glad to have found your blog - now to peruse your past posts.