Dreaming of a Getaway

Day at the Beach

Whoever came up with the notion that a "stay-cation" was equivalent to a "VACATION" should be bopped over the head.   I've been stay-cating all winter and I've got a severe hibernation hangover!   This chica is dying to wiggle her toes in the sand, lie back in a chair and bask in the glorious sun.  I know I should be protecting my precious skin but I'm feenin' for a tan BIGTIME!.  OK! OK!! OK!!!  I'll put on SPF 15.  My bikini, cover-up, hat, sandals and sunnies are ready to go at a moments notice, who's picking me up???

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Daniella said...

Hahaha yes they should be bopped over the head!!! Oooo i wanna go to :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Psycho Cat said...

Hehe, I know how you feel :)