Hong Kong Vintage (take 1)

Hong Kong Vintage is uber fabulous. I absolutely love checking out their newest additions. This past weekend, I stopped by for a visit and found arms full (literally both arms full) of things to try on. The above are just 2 of my faves. Which one do you think I purchased? The sequin shirt that I could double as a dress... or the floaty bed-dress(ur ahh pants)... that I could double as a dress with a cozy sweater or leather jacket??? Some of you may be thinking... "where on earth would you wear either of these?"...
UH??? Don't cha mean,

Where wouldn't you wear either of these ridiculously awesome pieces...aaaand can I borrow????

Well... I really didn't know what to do, such a quandary! Shirt/Dress? or Dress-ish pants??? Naturally the following happened... try on/take off, try on/take off, repeat, repeat & repeat some more! Frankly, my hair couldn't take anymore clothes coming over and off my head!!! Finally, a decision had to be made... which do you think made the cut???


belleetlibre40 said...

I knoooooow ;)

Henar said...

This is so nice, like it a lot!


The Queen of Hearts said...

That second dress is BEYOND.