Bad Ass Leather

It seems I am currently coveting leather clothing.  Recent shopping trips have resulted in the following leather purchases; black cropped shirt, black pleated skirt, black pleated dress, cream cropped jacket, black vest and a brown cross body/clutch handbag (which I'm changing my mind and saying the handbag doesn't count).  So it seems the only thing I'm missing is a new pair of leather pants.  Until the day I score a sweet pair of leather pants/leggings, I will leave you with my new leather vest which I found at BCBG.

 I'm not entirely sure why, but it makes me feel a little BAD ASS!!!  Kinda like Danny Zucco from Grease which is actually quite fitting because he really wasn't bad as at all and neither am I... LOL
Oh Danny, your soooo Dreamy!!!!

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Daniella said...

Loving your new vest!!! Really love how you styled it in a casual and edgy way! The leopard print boots finish this outfit of to perfection :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Dazy said...
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