Print and Texture

I bought this skirt on clearance last winter which means it's probably from spring/summer 2010 and never actually wore it until recently.  The print and asymmetrical faux leather band had me at "helloooo" but for some unknown reason it hung in my closet for nearly 4 seasons!!!!

 Holy Ridiculousness! 

Sometimes a new purchase can revive and old one and in this case, the purchase of the Nine West boots and Stella & Dot Necklace below inspired me to finally rock the skirt like it should be. 
Oh and tights, we can't forget the tights!!!

Stella and Dot Sierra Necklace: FOUND HERE

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Daniella said...

Love your skirt!!! Great look honey! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

kira said...

Great look! Love the skirt