Trench Coat

In case you weren't aware the Trench Coat has been around since 1901 and became popular with the ladies around 1918!  The history behind the coat is pretty cool but we are not here for a history lesson.  Just know this tidbit, Thomas Burberry is a freakin' genius!  The Trench is such an iconic piece that every woman and man should own one or two or three

The look of a Trench Coat is simply poslished and sleek.  The key to finding the perfect one is choosing the right length.   Ideally it should be approximately 3/4 above your knee.  Any longer and you risk looking like a schlep, slob, bum or any other unattractive word you can think up but don't want to mirror.  It should frame your body whether you opt to go sans belt or not.  My personal preference is belted because it accentuates a woman's natural curves.  I'll leave you with this one question... There are so many variations on color, shapes, fabric and designs to choose from, how could you only pick one?  How?  Seriously, HOW???   


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Daneiella said...

The trench is a true must have and is defiantly hard to find the right one! I still do not own one as i am holding out for the day that i can finally afford one from Burberry. :)

Take care sweetie,Daniella xox