Berry Brights

 Color... bright color is exciting, fun, fresh and at times unexpected.  Why else would we call it a POP of color.  Can you imagine a world without color or vary little variation... eeeek!!!
 How bland!  

Thank you sunshine and rain for making a rainbow.  And thank you Crayola for dreaming up colors some of us could never imagine.  I think its time to officially welcome Spring and all the POW, the WOW and the AW YEAH colors of the season.  Happy Sunday everyone and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Jeans: F21
Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Scarf: Gift
Silk Tank: Ya
Boyfriend Cardigan: F21
Jewelry: Stella and Dot

Quick update.. no joke.. the day I posted this was the same day friends all over FB were posting pics of an amazing breath taking rainbow.  This is Charlotte, NC for real... I feel like our city is in bubble.  
Almost like the Wizard of Oz!

Thank you for reading and leaving your lovely comments.  
XOXO, Shannon


Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

I have never thought that pink + red could work, insted I really like it!
I am following you through GFC and Bloglovin!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Daniella said...

Gorgeous look,love the colours!! :)

Take care,Daniella xox

Mik said...

You look really lovely. I like the mixing of the different tones of red, pink etc


Bravoe Runway said...

Hmmm I may need to check out shoedazzle again. I looked on that site a while back and didn't see anything I liked but I really love the shoes you are wearing :)

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