Shoe of the Week - Boutique 9

I spotted these metallic gems on the nine west web site here.  1st eyebrow raiser, Boutique 9... on Nine West?  Really?  Confused?  I was too, but it's true, check the link for yourself.  As you know, if it shines... it's mine, however I didn't imagine I'd gravitate toward the blue metallic(2nd eyebrow raiser) over copper or silver which is also available.  I take that back, all three colors are on back order (3rd eyebrow raiser)!  Lots of eyebrow raising going on this side of the computer and it's not cute.  Hopefully my face won't freeze like this.  All this side track conversation(with myself), what are we talking about....  OH YEAH!  The reason I picked this shoe and will order and impatiently wait until January for delivery is becaaaaause even though the color screams par-tay, the dainty heel and silhouette politely states "I'm a lady".  

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Rachel {Da Paura ♥} said...

I love this color blue and the pointy shape! This is an attention-grabber for sure. I can't wait to see how you wear it!