8 Style Tips from Brian Atwood

To say that I love Brian Atwood's shoes would be an understatement! His shoe's are as sexy and stylish as he is. Take a look at a few I selected from the 2011 Fall Collection. Brian spoke with Glamour's "Slave to Fashion" Daily Blogger and gave his 8 Style Tips which I found helpful and I'm sure you will too. Enjoy :)

Dress to shop
“Wearing skinny jeans or a skirt makes it easier to try on shoes and boots.”

Check yourself out
“Look in a full-length mirror, not the little shoe one, to get a complete picture.”

Ask yourself: Are my toesies safe?
“When buying open-toed shoes, always make sure the front fits snugly. You don’t want your toes gripping on for dear life.”

Use your living room as a test track
“Get used to walking around in heels at home,” says Atwood. “And don’t choose ones that terrify you. Work your way up to those stratospheric heights!”

When in doubt, wear a pump
“They always look good, and they will be your go-to shoes for everything.”

Trade in basic black
“… for a basic nude, “because it always elongates the leg.”

Ignore the rules
“… about “appropriate” daytime footwear. “I love the frivolousness of evening shoes for day. Why wait to put on pretty shoes?”

Truth: Ankle straps aren’t for everyone
“If you have strong calves or thighs, it’s not the best look,” says Atwood. Stick to a pump for leaner, longer legs.

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